When it comes to choosing the best outfit for Halloween, most men are generally confused. Why don’t you make it easier for your boyfriend, husband, or any other man by choosing a suitable Halloween costume for him?

Here are the 17 best costumes that will help your man make an impression in the upcoming Halloween party

  1. Pennywise Mask

Choosing the proper accessories can do wonders to your Halloween outfit. For instance, the Rubie’s Pennywise Mask can easily transform a regular costume into a great Halloween dress for your husband or boyfriend. The latest mask comes with the compulsory red clown wig and fits most adults. As the item is properly licensed, you can expect all the details like the original.

  1. Michael Myers Mask

Talking about masks, here’s another one that can be worn during the Trick or Treat and the Halloween parties. The Michael Myers Mask is pure latex, which means it will fit perfectly for the adults. The proprietary design includes all the original details like the camel hair, flesh tone around the neck along with the dirt spots.

  1. American Horror Story-Twisty The Clown Mask

If we are talking about scary Halloween costumes, Twisty The Clown Mask will be one of the obvious choices for your man. Sculpted and approved by the original horror story crews, the mask also features a removable mouthpiece for a dramatic effect. What’s more, you can get the official Twisty the Clown costume to complete the look.

  1. Star Wars Darth Vader

Star War fans are always looking for opportunities to dress up as one of the original characters. On this Halloween, get the Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Full Face Mask and let your man appear as the dark lord of the party. With an official license from the film producer, the two-piece mask can be easily worn for the whole evening.

  1. Dark Sorcerer Robe

Halloween costumes should be special. Help your husband or boyfriend get that unique look by gifting him the Dark Sorcerer Robe on this Halloween. The costume features a jeweled bat medallion, hood with the cape collar and the waist sash. Choose any of the three available sizes to ensure the best fit for him.

  1. The Clown Costume

Freaky clowns have always been a popular trend for Halloween parties. That means you can consider this Adult Twisty the Clown Costume as an excellent Halloween dress for the man of your love. Being officially licensed, the package includes the top, pants, bag, headpiece and the mask. Thanks to the Velcro closure and the elastic waistband, the costume is easy to put on.

  1. Cutthroat Pirate Costume

Talking about popular Halloween costumes, pirates are another common theme for men. That makes this Cutthroat Pirate Costume one of the best Halloween gifts for your boyfriend or husband. The full-set package includes the shirt with the lacing details, decorative pants, head tie, boot tops, wrist cuffs, and the belt. It is available in four different sizes.

  1. GoT-Night’s King White Walker Head Mask

Since GoT is one of the hottest trends these days, why don’t you pick up this Night’s King White Walker Full Head Mask as the Halloween gift for your significant other? With personal approval from the show producer, the mask looks almost identical to the original one. Thanks to the nose holes, eye holes, and a small mouth opening, he can wear the mask as long as he wants to.

  1. Bane Mask and Batman Bat Darts Replica

Is your man a die-hard Batman fan? If that is the case, you can seriously consider this Bane Mask and Batman Bat Darts Replica as his Halloween gift. The high-quality latex material makes it possible to wear the mask for a long period. There are a miniature camera and a tape recorder attached to the buckle.

  1. Pirate Captain Costume

In case you are looking for another pirate costume for your husband or boyfriend, you can consider the Forum Designer Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume. It is a complete 6-piece set containing the jacket, lace jacket, tricorn hat, waistcoat, knickers, and the knee-high boots. You can choose any of the four available sizes to get the best fit for him.

  1. Medieval Warrior Party Wig

Medieval warriors were all about the bravery and strength. Let your husband or boyfriend bring back the flavor by getting him the Forum Novelties Medieval Warrior Costume Wig on this Halloween. The synthetic fiber wig is jet black and comes with a 2′ long ponytail. The inbuilt elastic band will ensure a great fit for the wig.

  1. Northern King Costume

Here’s the perfect Halloween costume for Game of Thrones lovers – the Northern King Costume. It includes the tunic, gloves, and the cape. Thanks to the fur collar, and faux leather gloves, this can be a great Halloween outfit for colder places. The costume is available in three sizes.

  1. Saw-Billy Puppet Mask

The officially licensed Saw-Billy Puppet Mask could be a great accessory to the existing clown costume of your husband or boyfriend. Thanks to the professional sculpting by Russ Lukich, the mask looks almost real with all the original details. The flexible size will fit most adults without any stretching.

  1. Dawn of Justice – Aquaman Costume

Dawn of Justice has established itself as one of the most popular party costumes for various events. That means this Aquaman Costume can be a great Halloween outfit for your boyfriend or husband. Made of pure Polyester, the padded jumpsuit can be spot-cleaned and comes with all the necessary items including the top, skirt, attached short, belt, tiara, armband, shin guards, gauntlets, and so on.

  1. Captain America Civil War Costume

Captain America is a very popular character among most adults. If your man falls into that category, you can get him the Captain America Civil War Costume on this Halloween. The muscle-chest printed jumpsuit comes with the belt, mask, and 3D boot-tops. Being officially licenses, you can expect all the original details on the costume.

  1. Halloween Roman Boot

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the accessories matter just as much as the dress. That is why you should seriously consider getting your husband or boyfriend a pair of this Pleaser Men’s Halloween Roman Boots. Featuring exclusive synthetic sole, the boots are available in four different sizes.

  1. Herman Mask

Among all the Halloween costumes, wearing a mask is the simplest way to dress up instantly for the party. If you are looking for a simple but fitting Halloween mask, you can consider The Munster’s Herman Mask. With official licensing, the pure latex mask features exquisite details to make it look like original.

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