Your dad has taken care of you over the years, now it’s your turn to return the favor. And New Year is one of the best opportunities to treat him with some thoughtful gifts.

But what gift can you choose for him? What is he going to like? If you are asking these questions, you have come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter whether your fad is a working man, a hobbyist, or a regular guy, you will find something suitable here. Read on to explore the best New Year gift ideas for your dad.

  1. A Pair of Driving Loafers

Want to get something practical for your dad as his New Year gift? If that sounds interesting, take a look at this Go Tour Men’s Premium Loafers. The brilliant slip-on design will let him put on the loafers quickly. Leather uppers and the detailed stitching have made the loafers look more attractive. Thanks to the durable rubber outsole, the shoes offer reliable grip on any surface. The loafers are available in various sizes and colors.

  1. A New Everyday Watch

Simple, minimal designs always work best. That’s why this minimalist Fossil Mens watch works so great as the New Year gift for dad. Its leather strap with the adjustable buckle closure will offer a perfect fit, while three-hand analog display clearly indicates the time. The water-resistant watch can sustain occasional splashes and brief immersions.

  1. A Coffee Dripper

Real coffee enthusiasts want full control over the whole coffee making process. If your dad fits that description, this Osaka Coffee Dripper could be the best New Year gift for him. It comes with a laser-cut stainless steel cone filter to retain the natural taste of his coffee. The 20oz borosilicate glass carafe will not absorb any odor and is resistant to thermal shocks. The dripper comes with all the necessary accessories to enjoy fresh coffee any time he wants.

  1. GPS Fish Finder

Does your dad love fishing? Is he going on fishing trips on most weekends? In that case, you should get him the Garmin GPS Fish Finder as the New Year gift. Its high-frequency sonar will let him scan the water for fish, hidden structure, and other objects. Thanks to the dedicated buttons, it is very easy to set up and use the device. There is an integrated flasher to let him enjoy ice fishing as well.

  1. A Personal Assistant

Digital personal assistants have made our life a lot easier. Let your dad enjoy these benefits by getting him the Amazon Echo on this New Year. The improved Echo comes with powerful speakers to fill the room with 360-degree audio. The device can play music, read the news, provide weather updates, receive calls, set alarms, and work with the other smart devices inside the house. There are seven noise-cancelling microphones so that the Echo can catch his voice rom any direction.

  1. Smoking Jacket

Want to get something special for your dad as his New Year gift? Why don’t you check out this Duke & Digham Smoking Jacket? The plush cotton material makes it very comfortable to wear the jacket, while the hand stitched quilting will add to the styles. As the jacket is available in four sizes, you can choose the size that will fit your dad.

  1. Electric Deep Fryer

Everybody loves deep fried foods, including your dad. That means the Presto Electric Deep Fryer should be another of your top choices as his New Year gift. The best part is the device will help him save money on oil while retaining the original taste. There is an integrated thermostat to help him get the best fry every time. The fryer comes with a handy scoop to lift and serve the food items.

  1. Polo Double Black Cologne

Regardless of the occasion, perfumes will always be a highly appreciated gift idea for anyone. Since it’s your dad we are talking about, you should go with something classy like this Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren. The subtle but classy fragrance of the perfume will make his presence felt everywhere he goes.

  1. Set of Handkerchiefs

Those who are looking for simple but practical New Year gift ideas for dad can consider this Leevo Handkerchief set. The pure cotton handkerchiefs are soft and thin enough to fit in any pocket. There are more than 15 attractive designs available for the handkerchief set.

  1. Leather Belt

A belt might not be your first choice as the New Year gift for your dad. But that doesn’t apply to premium ones like the Timberland Men’s Leather Belt. The pure leather belt comes with an antique buckle to give it a special look. The belt is available in three colors and lots of different sizes.

  1. Fitness Tracker

As your dad is getting older, he needs to put more focus on being active and keeping fit. Help him achieve these goals by getting him the Fitness Tracker HR on this New Year. Its built-in sensors will automatically record his heart rate, sleep quality, steps taken, distance, calories burned, and so on. He will also be able to check out calls, messages, and other notifications. The powerful battery will keep the device running for up to seven days.

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