Best New Year gift ideas for mom

  1. Mexican Cookbook

New Year is always about new things. In line with that, this Mexican Cookbook can be a great New Year gift for your cooking enthusiast mom. It features 100 of the best Mexican recipes chosen by a renowned chef. As the book contains recipes for both popular dishes and cocktails, it can be the perfect go-to place for your way to Mexico from anywhere in the world.

  1. Faux Fur Scarf

What can be the most appropriate gift for your stylish mom on this New Year? You can consider this Faux Fur Scarf as one of your top choices. The leopard print faux far feels soft and velvety against the skin. It can be a great accessory for cold season every day wear. She can dry clean the scarf or wash it in machine with fabric softener. It is available in four styles.

  1. Espadrille Flats

Thanks to their comfortable fit, Espadrille is one of the most popular everyday shoes for artists, travelers, and celebrities all over the world. That means this VISCATA Original Espadrille Flats could be another suitable New Year gift for your mom. The natural, breathable material makes it very comfortable for her feet. The hand-crafted shoes are available in several sizes and attractive colors.

  1. Temperature Control Coffee Maker

Does your mom drink several cups of coffee throughout the day? Is she picky about the flavor and the brew? If she is, you should get this Behmor Temperature Control Coffee Maker as her New Year gift. The fully customizable machine comes with pulsed water flow, a handy pre-soak option, and temperature control for high altitude areas. The digital controls make it very easy to use the machine that brews up to eight cups at once.

  1. Pure Cashmere Robe

Here’s another suitable New Year gift idea for your fashionable mom – the Pure Cashmere Robe for Women. The pure cashmere robe feels very soft and comfortable to wear. She can use the sash to tie around the waist and store her mobile, keys or other thing in the inseam pockets. The robe comes in various assorted colors.

  1. Gold Loose Tea Infuser

We have already provided a gift idea for the coffee enthusiast moms, but what if your mom is more interested in drinking tea? In that case, you can choose this Gold Loose Tea Infuser as her New Year gift. The pyramid-shaped infuser will enable her to steep loose tea in a simple, easy way. The 23K gold insulation will make sure that the infuser remains non-reactive and retains the original flavor or the tea.

  1. Wall Organizer

Want to get something useful for your mom on this New Year? You can consider this multi-purpose Wall Organizer as a potential idea. It comes with a wall organizer, gardener, and display pockets. You will find the necessary strips and screws to mount the organizer, while the strong magnets will keep the pockets in place.

  1. Glass Spice Tube Set

Keeping the spice properly organized in the kitchen is always a challenge. What’s more, it takes lot of effort to keep these fresh for a long period. Help your mom deal with these problems by choosing this Glass Spice Tube Set as her New Year gift. The wire rack holds up to ten different types of spices. Each glass tube is provided with a cork stopper to preserve the natural freshness intact.

  1. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Taking a good bath is an excellent way to unwind and reduce stress. Why don’t you make it more interesting for your mom by choosing the Umbra Bathtub Caddy as her New Year gift? The expandable device includes the soap holder, wine glass holder, foldable book support along with storage space for the razor and loofah. She can use the hooks to hold scrubby, washcloth, or other things.

  1. Anti-aging Cleanser

As the years go by, your mom is getting older, there is no denying that. But if she always tries to make herself look younger, you should get her the Anti-aging Cleanser on this New Year. It contains several natural ingredients to remove the dead skin, dirt, and oil from the skin. The potent ingredients will ensure a deep clean feeling to get rid of the excess grime, reduce dark spots, age, and sun spots, while retaining the natural, healthy look.

  1. Robot Vacuum

Gone are the days of the traditional vacuum cleaners. Let your mom enjoy automatic home cleaning by choosing the ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner as her New Year gift. Its powerful multi-step cleaning system will ensure a thorough cleaning for the whole house. As the device comes with an integrated scheduling program, she won’t have to worry about any maintenance. There are several built-in sensors to keep the vacuum from falling down or bumping around. A single charge will keep the device running for up to 140 minutes.

  1. Kindle E-reader

Your mom is probably the last generation that had to hold a book to read it. These days, there are various e-reader devices that doesn’t require purchasing the physical book anymore. On this New Year, introduce your mom to this amazing new world by getting her a Kindle Voyage. Its HD display remains clearly readable even under direct sunlight. She can turn pages without lifting a finger, while the powerful battery will let her read for weeks.

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