Chocolates, Roses, Cards…

These are the things that come into our mind whenever we think about gifts. But when you are looking for a valentine’s day gift for him, can you be so predictable?

Of course not. You need to try and get something unique. In essence, you are looking for DIY valentine’s gifts for boyfriend or husband.

And guess what, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, we are going to share a list of the tried and tested DIY valentine’s day gift ideas for him. Without further ado, let’s check out the list.

DIY valentine's gifts for boyfriend

1. A Jar of Reasons Why You Love Him

There are different reasons why you love your husband or boyfriend. But have you ever tried thinking about those reasons? I know most of you haven’t. What about you think of all those reasons and make a jar of reasons why you love him? That would be an excellent DIY valentine’s gift idea for him. Check out this video for details instructions about how to do that.

2. Crochet Wrap Bracelet with Button

Crochet Wrap Bracelets are very popular due to their adjustable nature and perfect fitting. If you are looking for some unique DIY valentine’s day gifts for him, this bracelet could be an excellent choice for you. You will find step-by-step instruction about making the crochet wrap bracelets here.

3. Seven Days of Love

Valentine’s day is all about expressing your true love and emotion. That includes choosing a unique and thoughtful gift for your significant other. But where do you find such gift ideas? Luckily, I have got just the thing for you. Check out this Seven Days of Love printable DIY valentine’s gift idea. You can finish the whole thing within half an hour.

4. DIY Distressed Photo Block

Photo frames are one of the most common gift ideas for any occasion. However, this tutorial takes it to the next level by showing you how to create a distressed photo block. While it says photo block, you can also use other things like letters, notes, memorandum, etc.

5. Sticks & Stones

There are some people who prefer less of those expensive, store-bought things, and like things which are unique, self-made. If that description fits your husband or boyfriend, you can consider this stick & stones gift idea. The best part about this idea is you probably have all the ingredients around your house.

6. Egg in the Basket

Want to surprise him early on the valentine’s day? The egg in the basket idea could be an excellent choice for you. Here, you will prepare an egg sandwich which is cleverly shaped like a heart. Check out this article to get more details.

7. Getting Lucky Scratchers

Any gift idea could become a thousand times better if you add surprise with it. But what if the whole gift is based around surprises? That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, I have found a very creative idea which allows you to write your own messages and hide these behind scratchers. Check out this post to know more about the whole process.

8. DIY Photo Collage Letters

Photo collage letters is a very interesting DIY gift idea for the valentine’s day. This allows you to use photos of him to make the collage and also decorate the letters to spell his name. You only need the wooden letters, the photos, paintbrush, scissors, and glue. Click here to find details instructions about the process.

9. DIY Sharpie Mug

Sharpie mug is another trending choice as a DIY valentine’s day gift. This is a special type of gift which allows you to use your own words in your own writing to decorate the mug. The upside is the writing will remain there even after washing the cup. This post provides clear instructions about how to do that.

10. 52 Things I Love about You

There are so many reasons why you love your husband or boyfriend. But you seldom get the chance to express these to him. Why not choose this valentine’s day as the occasion to do that? Here is a detailed tutorial to prepare a 52 Things I Love about Your DIY gift for the valentine’s day.

11. Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a DIY valentine’s day gift idea which involves a bit of activity on his part too? If you are, the valentine’s scavenger hunt could be an excellent idea for you. Preparing the clues and watching him following the directions will definitely make your day. Take a look at this article to find some ideas to help you get started.

12. Valentine Light Bulb

This is one of my favorite DIY valentine’s day gifts for him. Yes, I am talking about the valentine light bulb. This creative idea allows you to deliver the message that he is the most important source of light in your life. You will find details instructions at this Design Sponge post.

13. Heart Wind Chimes

Everyone loves wind chimes, right? What if you can make one for him as a DIY valentine’s day gift? I know that would be an awesome idea. Check out this blog post to find out how to use melted bead to create a handmade wind chime.

14. Pop-Up Photo Box

Pop-up photo boxes could be another excellent idea for the creative valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend. This serves multiple purposes in a single package. You get to use your favorite photos, use creative bordering or other styling around the photos, and also choose a decorative box. Click here to get started with a DIY pop-up photo box.

15. Bracelets

If you have a stylish boyfriend or husband, fashion accessories could be the best gift ideas for them. While there are lots of fashion items available on the market, nothing beats the appeal of creating one with your own hands. Check out this simple tutorial to find out how to create bracelets as the DIY valentine’s day gift for him.

16. Valentine Pom Monster

Looking for a simple but cute DIY valentine’s day gift idea? Why not make valentine pom monsters for him? The cute, little monsters look both funny and inviting. You will need a pom pom maker, some googly eyes, yarn, gum, pipe cleaner, and foam hearts to make this beautiful valentine’s day gift on your own.

17. Valentines Day Paper Fortune Cookie

When it comes to creative valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend, fortune cookies are a favorite choice. While most people think about making edible fortune cookies, did you know that you can make paper fortune cookies too? Yes, that would be a fun and exciting valentine’s day gift idea for him. Check this post at MomDot to know more about the process.

18. Play the Love Lottery

Love lotteries is another interesting idea for the valentine’s day. This ehow post and the YouTube video shows you how to do that on your own. You can use various prizes or activity ideas for the lottery. The whole process takes less than an hour to complete, so why not get started now?

19. Open When Letters to Encourage Him

The whole purpose of the valentine’s day gift is to express your love for him. The Open When letters makes the process so easier. The problem is you will run out of ideas after making the first couple of letters. In that case, check out this post to find lots of new ideas to prepare various types of open when letters.

20. Travel Picture Frame of Your Travels Together

If you have been together for some time, it is likely that you visited lots of places as a couple and obviously, took lots of pictures. Why not use these pictures to make a travel picture frame and make him really surprised? This photobox post provides various ideas to style the frame and hang the frames on the wall.

21. Simple Origami Envelope

Origami is one of the most popular techniques in the DIY world. That means you can choose an origami item like this envelope as the DIY valentine’s day gift for him. Practice the envelope with some spare paper and once you are confident, make the actual valentine envelope.

22. Valentine Edible Box of Matches

A box of edible matches could be a really unique and fitting DIY valentine’s day gift idea for him. You can use pretzels as the stick and red candy melt as the topping. Some people like to use custom sprinkles as well, that is up to you. Check out this post at the 36th Avenue to know more about the whole process.

23. Laptop Sleeve

Want to make something practical as his valentine’s day gift? Making him a laptop sleeve should be one of your top considerations. While it sounds very intimidating, this detailed tutorial makes it look very easy. You won’t need that much material either. Check it out today and get started if you plan to really surprise him.

24. Photo Balloons

Photo balloons are another new trend in terms of the DIY valentine’s day gift ideas. The simple idea won’t take more than half an hour from start to finish. You already have the photos, which means you have to get helium balloons and decorative strings to attach the photos.

25. DIY Day Planner

Day planner is an indispensable item for busy, modern men. That makes the DIY day planner an excellent DIY valentine’s day gift idea for your husband or boyfriend. And here’s a step-by-step guide to make a special handmade day planner for him.

26. You’re the Bomb

So far, I have covered 25 DIY valentine’s day gift ideas. If none of these seem interesting enough, here’s a compilation video providing several DIY gift ideas for him. Each of these ideas are simple and very easy to finish within a short period of time. So, what are you still waiting for? Let’s get started.

27. Customized Surprise Egg

Let’s end the list of the best DIY valentine’s gift ideas for him with another video of a customized surprise egg. The cute gift idea is perfect to show your love and appreciation for him in a unique way.

The idea of making something with your own hands takes the whole idea of gift to a new level. I hope this list of the DIY valentine’s gifts for boyfriend helped you pick an interesting idea. Let me know which idea you have chosen.

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27 romantic DIY valentine's gifts for him to show how much you care
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27 romantic DIY valentine's gifts for him to show how much you care
Choosing the best valentine's day gift for him is always a challenge. Check this article to find the best DIY valentine's gifts for boyfriend or husband.
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